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has given us the unique perspective on the best technologies to incorporate energy efficient lighting design, which includes the free source we call the sun!  Through our individual committee work we are up to date on the guidelines provided by ASHRAE/IES 90.1, IECC and LEED but advanced lighting design techniques can reduce energy cost even further.   


ALD is certified for the State of Rhode Island Minority Business Enterprise Program, the MBE/DBE - Minority Business Certification Number is MBCN 1077.

"Creating Environments Through the Art and Science of Light"

Established in 2001, Abernathy Lighting Design is a creative studio made up of lighting designers trained in the world of theatre and entertainment. This provides us with a unique perspective and a dramatic approach to the art and science of lighting. This background also tempers that approach with a true understanding of collaboration and creativity. It is our objective to help each client realize their final design goals with special attention to the visual interest and excitement brought to a project by a carefully considered lighting design.


Sustainable Lighting Design addresses human needs (to support visibility and productivity), economic needs (minimize initial equipment costs and reduce operation costs), environmental needs (reduce carbon emissions, hazardous waste, and control of outdoor light pollution), and aesthetic needs (quality of light).


Energy efficient, sustainable lighting design is how we approach each project. Today’s lighting technologies allow us to design quality spaces that are energy efficient. Our involvement with USGBC, the DOE and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Energy and Sustainability committee

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